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Permafrostmessungen im Kammstollen des Schneefernerhauses

The Bavarian Environment Agency (LfU) is the central authority for environmental protection and nature conservation, geology and water resources management. It gathers and evaluates data concerning the state of the environment in Bavaria. It develops objectives, strategies and plans for sustainable utilization and safeguarding of our environment. The LfU is an authority in the business division of the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Public Health.

Monitoring Radioactive Emissions

A Gamma Dose Rate Monitor (yellow) is being installed on the measurement platform of UFS.

The Bavarian Environment Agency operates 31 automatic measurement stations throughout the state to continousely monitor radioactivity. The stations measure both radiation and radioactive particals in the air. The data is analysed centraly at the Agency's offices in Augsburg and is available online on the internet. The main objective is to warn the public in case radioactive material is released to the environment.

The instruments at the Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus are particulary useful to detect radioactive plumes reaching the country from abroad through long range transport in higher air masses.

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