Environmental and high-altitude medicine

Key Scientific Activity at UFS

Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus

Environmental and high-altitude medicine

At a hight of 2650 m a.s.l. the UFS Schneefernerhaus is situated at a threshold hight above which healthy people have to acclimatize for any long term stay. Patients with heart or pulmonary disorders may experienc problems at this hight.
The ambient air pressure at the station is equivalent to the cabin pressure in commercial aircrafts. Therefore the UFS is an ideal place for studies relating to altitude acclimatisation, performance at altitude, air-travel, breathing regulation,cognition, metabolism (risk groups) and the effect of climate on manifestations of disease. It is the German reference centre for the effects of moderate altitude exposure on healthy subjects and patients with respiratory disorders. Due to it's remoteness from sources of natural and anthropogenic pollutants and pollen the station is suitable location for studies relating to the effect of climate change on illness severity in allergy and asthma patients


Bavarian Health Information Service for COPD and Asthma
participating Institutes: Innenstadtklinikum der LMU München, German Aerospace Center

Influences Of High Mountain Climate On Allergies And Environmental Diseases
participating Institutes: Innenstadtklinikum der LMU München, Helmholtz Zentrum München, Technische Universität München

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