Water Balance in the Zugspitz Area


The goal of the hydrological studies around the UFS Schneefernerhaus is to generate a threedimensional scheme of the surface subcatchment areas on the Zugspitzplatt and to identify areas with the quantitatively highest drainage into the bedrock. It is anticipated to identify the most effective conduits underneath said areas because of the high amounts of water percolating into the bedrock and dissolving the limestone. The well developed karst conduits are the main reason for the rapid runoff reaction of the Partnach-Ursprung after storm precipitation or snowmelt. In addition to the field surveys an analysis of a high resolution digital terrain modell (DTM) of the Zugspitze area will be conducted in the near future.


Hydrology of the Zugspitze area
participating Institutes: University of Augsburg, Landesamt für Umwelt

Modelling of the snow hydrology
participating Institutes: Munich University

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