Regional Climate and Atmosphere

Key Scientific Activity at UFS

Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus

Regional Climate and Atmosphere

Research is focused on local to global scale changes in climate parameters and atmospheric constituents. Key issues are:

  • Atmospheric observations using ground-based remote sensing (NDACC)
  • Scientific case studies relating to the behaviour of the atmosphere under conditions of global change
  • Numerical simulation to predict future regional climate change
  • Process studies relating to the interaction of regional climate change in the biosphere,hydrosphere and cryosphere
  • Strategies for adapting to climate consequences and alpine geo-risks


High-Power Lidar Sounding of Atmospheric Water Vapour and Temperature
participating Institutes: Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

DOAS Measurements of trace gases in the troposphere
participating Institutes: Heidelberg University, German Aerospace Center

DZUG - Downscaling Project Zugspitze
beteiligte Institute: University of Augsburg

Greenhouse effect of water vapor in the Alps and the Arctic
participating Institutes: Karlsruher Institut für Technologie , Andøya Rocket Range

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