Virtual Observatory of the Alps

Linking the high altitude research stations in the Alps

Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus

Structure of the Virtual Alpine Observatory VAO

The project VAO includes four main topics:

·        Atmospheric variability and trends

·        Alpine Environment: Hazards and Risks

·        Alpine water balance

·        development of an Alpine Environmental Data Analysis Centre (AlpEnDAC)

Every main topic is associated with three subprojects. Within these subprojects, scientific issues are processed in collaborative networks with national and international partners. Each subproject is led by a scientist of the Science Team of the environment research station Schneefernerhaus (UFS). The implementation of the projects is based on the foundation “no exchange of funds”, which means that foreign partners bear their own costs for their research. Every subproject is based on the use of the excellent research infrastructure, which is provided by the involved observatories.

The participants in each subproject are subdivided into

Applicants: Institutions and implementing entities are called applicants, which applied at the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection (StMUV) for grants in form of subsidies for the performance of their research.

Cooperation partners:
Cooperation partners are partner organizations, which already formed a cooperation with the UFS (for instance members of the UFS-consortium board) and are involved in the implementation of tasks in cooperation with the VAO project, but do not receive any grants.

Associated partners:
Associated partners are organizations, which are not part of the UFS-consortium and don´t receive any grants by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection for the implementation of their work.

The data and information, which are generated in the subprojects, will be provided for applicants, cooperation partners and associated partners for the scientific community via the AlpEnDAC.