Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus
VAO symposium in Grenoble
Friday, 23. March 2018

From the 13rd - 15th of March, th fifth international symposium has been held in Grenoble, France. VAO -Virtual Alpin Observatory is a network of High Altitude Research Stations.

Since 19 April 2012 the “Virtual Alpine Observatory“ (VAO) has been operating as a network of European High Altitude Research Stations based in the Alps and similar mountain ranges, and now includes eight countries (Austria, France, Germany, Georgia, Italy, Norway, Slovenia and Switzerland). This cross-border and interdisciplinary cooperation has made it possible to address in great depth scientific problems relating to the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and cryosphere systems, and also the possible impact of environmental influences on health.

During the three-day meeting researchresults and researchideas have been presented and discussed between almost 100 sientists, politicians and representatives of the industry.

One highlight of the event was Nomi Baumgartl, a bavarian photograpfer, presenting her project 'EalgeWings-Protecting the Alps'. The project is conducted in close cooperation with the UFS and the DLR and aims to show the public the glacierretreat of the Alps by combining art and scientific outcomes.